Quotes We made the switch to he Asgard raw diet and are amazed at the results! Our 3 Caucasian Ovcharkas are healthier & happier than ever! Every benefit mentioned on the website is 100% true. Quotes
Tom J
Ovcharka dad

Quotes I am new to raw feeding and felt very overwhelmed until I found your company! With all the products you offer, you've really helped me with our transition. Not to mention MY DOGS LOVE IT!!! In the first week I had already noticed the benefits of raw feeding and I can't ever imagine going back to kibble. Thank you so much for all your help! Quotes
Raw Newbie

Quotes My dogs are so glad I found you. They love the quality and variety of meats that you supply. After two years of learning and shopping around, I've finally found one stop shopping. Thank you! Quotes
Westies Mom

Quotes So glad to hear that you are back processing. We have really gained a greater appreciation for how high quality your dog food is compared to other store bought raw dog foods. Your is fresher, keeps longer, more complete and Sadie loves it more. And her poops are smaller too when she is eating your food. Quotes

Quotes Wonderful food--my dogs are really enjoying the products -- and having everything ground together makes for very simple feeding--thank you Quotes
Gloria Frick
Happy Furkids

Quotes My dogs LOVE their Asgard food and treats! They have turned down several proteins in the past from other raw food suppliers but with Asgard, they love all that they are offered. Quotes
Debby McMullen
Dog Behavior Consultant and dog mom