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 Why a RAW Diet?

Does your dog suffer from allergies?
Is your dog a picky eater?
Is your dog overweight?
Does your dog have behavior issues?
Concerned for your pet's health?
Do you want the best for your pet?
If you answered yes to any one of the above questions,
then you'll want to keep reading...
 Benefits of a raw diet...

  • Shinier coats, healthier skin and cleaner teeth (and happier dog!)
  • Higher energy levels
  • Smaller stools
  • Less likely to have food allergies
  • Weight control and a healthier way of life
  • First step in controlling behavior issues

Our dear friend, Debby McMullen, the owner of Pawsitive Reactions - Positive Dog Training and More!, and the author of How Many Dogs?!? describes it best when it comes to reasons for a raw diet...

"In many instances, what your dog eats can dramatically affect his behavior.  As with humans, the safest way to avoid nutrition-related behavior problems is to feed the highest quality food that you can afford - in the most natural form that you can manage.

Nutritional education is an important part of dog ownership.  Just as eating junk is not healthy for humans, the same applies to canines.  Using a raw diet is the best type of food that your dog can get for optimal health.  It sets the stage for a healthy immune system and a healthy weight.  It is the opinion of many that dogs gets their best chance at the longest and healthiest life possible with the implementation of a raw diet."

It is very important that one does the proper amount of research before starting any new diet.  Talk to others who are experienced, read everything you can.  Don't just jump in uninformed.  Feel free to contact us for a consultation!


When deciding on the type of dog food you will feed your beloved pet, you will truly get what you pay for.  Commercial dog foods are expensive, but using a top-grade commercial dog food is well worth the price in order to give your pet the best chance at health they can have.  Comparatively speaking, feeding the raw diet can be no more expensive than using a commercial kibble brand.  Variety is key, and there is no reason that your dog should eat the same thing day in and day out.  Dogs get bored too!  However, changing commercial brands routinely may not agree with your pet.  That is another wonderful benefit of the raw diet - frequent changes are better tolerated and your pet has a broader variety in meals!